Predoggg's Dogs

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Welcome to Predoggg’s Dog’s

We are a small family breeding Rottweilers and our dogs are first of all our pets, living in our home. Our Breeding Philosophy is that only the first few litters are the best quality and we only plan on 3 litters per female.

Our breeding goal is to preserve the work-ability of the Rottweiler while being a family pet at the same time and also meeting the breeding standard. The Rottweiler was breed to work (herding and protecting the herd, family and property) for many hundred years and is even today a working dog. We also believe that only 1 litter per female per year is the right way to ensure quality puppies and believe it is better to focus on a small amount of Rottweilers instead of having 9 or more litters at a time.

We train our dogs in basic obedience, tracking and agility. Our dogs are also shown at conformation shows and we do not breed for profit. It is very important for us to know our dogs very well and have a strong bond with them. For the new dog owner it is important to us to have an open door policy, providing them with all the information they need prior and after buying a puppy. At our website will you be able to look at our dog’s pedigree, pictures, awards, health certifications, etc. We are open for questions, contacts and if you wish, to visit our home and dogs.

Our foundation male Rottweiler is a Belgium-German champion bloodline. He has a gorgeous big head with strong bones. He loves to play ball and forgets about everything around him as long as he can play ball with us. He is a friendly calm Rottweiler who loves every person in the world and likes to give them all kisses.

Our foundation female Rottweiler is a German-American champion bloodline. She loves to work with us, is very intelligent, learns quickly, doesn’t quit on us and has a great obedience.