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Anna Bell

Anna Bell von Primeaux

D.O.B.: 27 May 2012
Weight: 95lbs
OFA Hips: Good
Cardiac: Normal
Eye: Normal
Patellar: Normal
Thyroid: Normal

Confirmation show: SG (very good)
Titles: BH 

Anna came to us as a 4 month old puppy. She is our first Rottweiler after an 8 year break of owning Rottweiler's. We 
love to work with her and she shows great obedience in her actions. She loves to do agility courses and chase everything
she sees and loves to just hang out with her owners. Anna is our silly and goofy girl. Anna is a Rottweiler with lots 
and lots of energy. It seems she has infinite energy at times. Besides the high energy she has a lot of play drive. She 
loves to chase balls, sticks, water, snowballs, etc... She also has a high food drive. Anna has a very good muscular 
substance with good angulation in the back. She has a well carried tail, good backline, and a very good pigmentation of 
the mouth. Her bones, head and ears are middle sized with completely scissor bite and lively movement. She has a very 
impressive bloodline that can be seen at the top left in the pedigree section.

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