Predoggg's Dogs

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Blinky von Predoggg

DOB: Aug. 04, 2015


Weight: 90.6 lbs

Chest: 32 inch

Withers: 24 inch

Neck: 21.5 inch

She is a female which is open to other people and likes to be around them. Blinky looks promising to be a future PTSD Service Dog and will follow her litter mate (now emotional support dog). She loves to play ball, tug games and retrieve games. She already picked up a key chain and brought it back beside toys or medical pill box.
Blinky is in Obedience training to lay a good foundation for her future work as a Service dog. She is an amazing girl when it comes to house training and interacting with other people. It is not uncommon that people fall in love with her once they meet her.